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light weight 5 Bands WIFI 5.8G GPS Backpack Signal Jammer

light weight 5 Bands WIFI 5.8G GPS Backpack Signal Jammer

    • light weight 5 Bands WIFI 5.8G GPS Backpack Signal Jammer
    • light weight 5 Bands WIFI 5.8G GPS Backpack Signal Jammer
    • light weight 5 Bands WIFI 5.8G GPS Backpack Signal Jammer
  • light weight 5 Bands WIFI 5.8G GPS Backpack Signal Jammer


    Plaats van herkomst: CHINA
    Merknaam: DEZHEN
    Certificering: CE
    Modelnummer: DZ-WT600252

    Betalen & Verzenden Algemene voorwaarden:

    Min. bestelaantal: 1 PC
    Prijs: negotiated price
    Levertijd: 25 dagen
    Betalingscondities: L/C, T/T
    Levering vermogen: 100pieces/month
    Gedetailleerde productomschrijving
    Verpakking: Doos HS code: 8543709200
    Blokkerende waaier: 5-2000 meters Type: Rugzakstoorzender
    Gewicht: 12-13kg Frequentiebanden: 5 banden
    Antennestype: De externe hoge richtingantenne van aanwinstenomni Toepassingsgebied: Korpsen, Gevangenis, Politie, Bomopruiming
    Hoog licht:

    GPS Backpack Signal Jammer


    5 Bands Backpack Signal Jammer


    5.8G Drone Frequency Scrambler

    Military High Power GPS WIFI5.8G Drone Signal Jammer VIP Protection Security Backpack Jammer


    Product Description:


    1,High Power Freqeuncy Scan Convoy Jamming System, implementing the most effective and reliable RF
    jammer technology and equipped with a fully-integrated broadband jamming system. This is highly portable
    and light weight. Easy for backpack.
    2,It plays an important role to use the heavily loaded vehicle and backpack type devices in some extreme
    hard situation.The operator can carry it forward through the hills and muddy road, as well as Climbing steep
    mounts and stairs avoid casualties and improve the combat efficiency.



    1. UHF Broadband Interference Technology.

    2. High effective power (channel power) and large radius coverage range.

    3. Effective segmentation,Only interfere with the downlink, it will not cause interference to the base station.

    4. Imported Materials, slow start circuit design can avoid the sparking phenomenon caused by mechanical switch,

    high integration and stable operation.

    5. Perfect self-protection function, when the device is overheated, output over-power, standing wave and other fault alarms,

    the jammer will automatically turn off the failed module to avoid damage to the jammer;



    Output Interface Output Frequency
    CH1 -WIFI2.4G: 2400-2500MHz
    CH2 -WIFI5.8G: 5725-5825MHz
    CH3 -GPS: 1550 -1580MHz
    CH4 -GPS L2-L5:1100-1300MHz
    CH5 -GSM : 850-920MHz
    Jammed Signal Freqency: CDMA,GSM,2.4G WIFI,5.8G WIFI,GPS L1,GPS L2-L5,VHF,UHF....
    Type: Backpack jammer
    Output Channel: 5 output channels
    Output power: 90 watt
    Parameter Shielding Range: Radius 5-2000 meters (-75dBm,depending on the distance of base station in an open filed)
    Jammer Module Number 5
    HS Code: 8543709200
    Packing: Box
    Dimension (not including antennae): 30 *45 *15cm
    Antenna: Omnil Antenna
    Technical Parameters:
    Net Weight 12kg
    Total Weight 15kg Aviation Case included
    Ambient Temperature -10ºC - +50ºC
    Relative Humidity ≤80%
    Power Consumption ≤220W
    Power Input AC100~240V,DC24V
    Battery 24V,30AH,Built-in standby battery
    can used for 90~180 minutes
    Antenna Parameters Omni antennas,gain:4~5dBi
    Switch Control Manually
    Equipment Chassis Metallic Paint
    Cooling system Active "smart" with integrated incoming air filter
    Antennae type: External high gain Omni directional Antenna


    We could supply customized service by your detail requirements about frequencies setting. 4-8

    Frequency modules we can mix very flexibly.Frequency Ranges Selectable:

    CDMA 800: 851-894MHz
    GSM 900: 925-960MHz
    DCS 1800: 1800-1880MHz
    PHS 1900: 1920-1990MHz
    3G 2100(UMTS): 2110-2170MHz
    WIFI 2.4G Bluetooth: 2400-2500MHz
    WiFi3.6G: 3500-3600MHz
    Wi-Fi5.2G: 5100-5500MHz
    WIFI 5.8G 5725-5850MHz
    4G/LTE 700M: 725-770MHz(US)
    4G/LTE 800M: 790-826MHz(EU)
    4G Wimax: 2300-2400MHz(US)
    4G Wimax: 2620-2690MHz(EU)
    GPS/L1: 1500-1600MHz
    GPS/L2: 1200-1300MHz
    GPS/L3: 1300-1400MHz
    GPS/L4: 1100-1200MHz
    VHF: 135-174MHz
    UHF: 400-470MHz
    Lojack: 167-175MHz
    RF315: 315MHz
    RF433: 433MHz
    RF868: 868MHz


    Terms and conditions:

    Delivery Time Schedule Delivery time is 3 weeks, Delivery will be initiated from date of receipt of confirmed purchase order and advance remittance in our bank.
    Payment Terms 40% advance, 40% after one month,20% before shipping./100% advance,paypal,WU, etc.
    Terms of Delivery FOB HONGKONG/ USA.
    Warranty 36 months.
    Software Updates Free software updates will be provided for a period of 36 months.
    Extended Warranty After 4th Year :5% of total for each years.


    light weight 5 Bands WIFI 5.8G GPS Backpack Signal Jammer 0

    Shenzhen Dezhen Telecommunication Technology Co.,Ltd

    Contactpersoon: Ronin

    Tel.: +8613590196986

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